Sounded pretty good. The lead guitar was a little rough but it wasn't enough to really detract from the song. I didn't like the splash cymbal that the drummer used a lot but other than I thought he played pretty tight. From what I could hear in the video, I liked your singer. His voice seemed to fit the song well and he seems like a good singer. He kinda reminded of the singer for Locksley. I'd say yall pulled it off quite well. Good job!

Crit my Strokes cover?
Hey man, that was a decent cover. I never heard the song before but it seems you guys did it well. I bet it was better live but the sound quality wasnt that great. It was hard to hear the singer but he sounded alright. I checked out your other cover by The Vines, that one was great! I really enjoyed listening to that, the vocals were awesome, it was a very high energy song.

Good job, keep on practicing.
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