I have the Vendetta. Doesn't cost much, but it plays amazing
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I have a Michael Schenker Standard with a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker in the bridge. Plays great, especially for a 300 dollar guitar.

I also have a ML79 in white with a Floyd, all stock.

Both guitars are great, but have some grounding issues and problems with the input jack. However, new Deans are going down in quality, last that I heard.
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dean mlx is what i have, its in pieces atm because i took it apart to paint it tye-dye and to put some gibson lp pickups in it but i love that guitar.. plays fantastic, looks great, sounds killler!! \M/
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I have a vendetta 1.7. The neck warped about a month after i got it. This was back in july. Dean still haven't sent me a replacement.
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i recently got a vendetta 2.0 with floyd rose

but i am starting to have problems wit fret buzz because of floyd