i recently just got a Behringer U-Control UCA222 audio interface.

right now i have my guitar plugged into my ZOOM G1X effects pedal and then the output of the pedal into the Behringer U-Control input. when i play my guitar i get this awful sounding scratchy distortion, changing the settings on my pedal helps but i feel like im not getting the best sound i can out of my gear.

now when i open up Guitar Rig 4 and i go under audio and midi settings i can select the Behringer but when i do theres no signal showing on Guitar Rig 4. how can i fix this?

im still new to recording and audio editing so explanations and details would be very helpful
well first of all, there is no need to use an effects pedal if you are going to be playing through an effects vst such as guitar rig 4. that could probably be the cause of your excess noise. either that or your input gain is too high.
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well first of all, there is no need to use an effects pedal if you are going to be playing through an effects vst such as guitar rig 4. that could probably be the cause of your excess noise. either that or your input gain is too high.

its not excess noise its just really scratchy, ill post a clip or something today, and this is WITHOUT Guitar Rig 4. When i turn on Guitar Rig 4 i dont even get a signal or sound!
There are a couple things that can be making this scratchy noise you are speaking of. One might be your master on your Zoom might be to high, thus clipping on input to your interface. 2) Are you using the correct cabling? Cable from your guitar to the FX unit must be unbalanced Fig.1 Cable from your FX unit to the interface must be balanced Fig. 2

Fig.1 Fig. 2

You didn't specify what program your are using for recording, but im assuming you are trying to use it as a plug-in and not a stand alone. If this is the case, you create an audio track with the input set to which input you are using on the interface, then insert the Guitar Rig Plug-in on one of the inserts on the channel strip you are using.

You may have to adjust additional settings in Guitar Rig, You should refer to the manual for the correct settings. Hope this helps!
JoeAudio, the cables are exactly as you described them and are plugged in correctly. right now im just trying to get Guitar Rig to give me a signal or some sound using the interface i just bought. im using guitar rig as a stand alone, not a plug in. also for recording im using audacity. im also trying to use sonar 8 but i cant even get any sound out of it whatsoever and it wont let me configure the preferences. when i use ezdrummer in sonar 8 theres no sound either. but when i use it in fruity loops it works without a problem.
Do you have the ASIO drivers set up for the Behringer? When you open the setting in GR and your DAW, is it set to get the input from the Behringer via ASIO? Do you have speakers/headphones plugged into the Behringer?

Sorry if I'm asking stupid questions, sometimes something like what you've got going on can be fixed by something simple.
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when i open up GR and go under pref and choose behringer under device and ASIO drivers for it i still dont get sound. i click the configure ASIO drivers button and it has this thing were u select the device, but it wont let me select any device, its not in the scroll menu so im thinking if i can somehow get Behringer to show up in the drop down list maybe i could get sound then
When you open GR4, try both input channels, try the left and if it doesn't work try the right (i had a similar problem and this solved it), make sure the little box next to the CPU usage says 'ON'. For the bad sounding distortion you can turn off the cab emulation in your Zoom pedal and use free Cab impulses on your PC, trust me, it sounds so much better, i used to own a Zoom G1.
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I think there are ASIO drivers online for this one, if you don't have the ASIO driver for it already...

go to behringer's web site and look for it.
ok i got it all working with guitar rig and stuff, but now i have a problem where i record through guitar rig but when i save the file and open it up in my windows media player it sounds clean without any of the effects from guitar rig. what gives? how can i record with the effects?

Edit: i figured it out, i didnt notice there was a pre-deck and post-deck
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My equipment:

Behringer Xenyx
Dell Laptop
Guitar Rig 4
Reaper 4.01

Ok my laptop is only plugged in to my mixer via usb. My guitar is plugged into my channel/line 1 input. My headphones are plugged into my headphone jack (w/quarter inch adapter of course). Controls on the mixer are set to main mix and headphones. Guitar Rigs Audio/Routing settings are set as follows:

Driver: WAPASI (Shared Mode)
Input L: Line In L
Input R: Line In R
Output L: Speakers L
Output R: Speakers R

The main issue is GR. I CANNOT get it to work at all. I've tried everything. I cannot get any sound from it and its driving me insane. I have the ASIO driver and yet even on that it still wont work if anyone can help me for love of god I will be eternally greatful.

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