I guess let me start by saying HI! Im 17 years old, been playing bass for a year 'n' some months and I love everything about bass guitar! Why it's taken me this long to discover that OZZY is awesome I don't know... What i DO know is i want to learn a song by him desperately! Since i've been playing for about a year im not terribly good at learning songs by ear, Which is why i need YOUR guys's help!

"The Almighty Dollar" From the Black rain album... I love the bass lines in it, but the tab for this song is terribly inaccurate... I was hoping someone could maybe post a new one and tell me so i can learn it... I spent a good 3 hours trying to listen to the song and learn it for myself but with no luck lol... Please any help would be great...

you can make tab requests in the Tab Talk forum, otherwise, someone in the Bass Guitar forum might be able to give you some advice
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