I recently discoverd that these exist, thanks to my buddys band page because apperntly they have an endorsment with them.

Does anyone have experience with them? And if so are they good/what are they good for/good for the price?


Madison amps are aimed squarely at the death and doom metal players, as evidenced by their gothic logo and overall appearance. The sound clips sound great, but as you know, that proves nothing. There are great many unpleasant stories about the poor quality of Madison amps. They advertise them as built with components from all over the world, which enables them to keep the costs down. An enlarged photo of the back of their Divinity amplifier (their flagship model) on their website reveals that there is no legend on the amp that says where it was manufactured. I suspect that many of the components are made in China. Madison cabinets are made in the U.S.A. (at least, that's what their website claims).

Whether Madison has overcome their quality control issues remains to be seen. They aren't widely distributed. The only one I've ever seen was in a Guitar Center about four years ago. I don't know anyone who carries them. I would proceed with caution before buying one. The only website I ever came across that offered Madison amps had the Divinity 2-channel model selling for nearly US$1,000.00, which ain't cheap. That definitely puts it in the middle of some serious competition. See if you can work with your friend's amp for a while to see if you like it, and if it holds up under use.
They are poorly built amps that have a very bad reputation for being unreliable.

Also, in an effort to boost their sales they will offer an endorsement to pretty much anyone who asks, usually around 50% off.

There are much better amps on the market, both in terms of quality and tone.