Whenever I switch from Lead to Clean on my (brand new) VK100 head, either on my footswitch or the amp itself, my volume goes to ear-splitting levels (max volume on a clean channel can really hurt your ears!) for anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds and then goes back down to whatever I had it set at.

1. It always goes back to normal volume, and usually doesn't stay loud for more than 5-6 seconds. 10 is the longest I've had.

2. After I cycle through it about 20-30 times, the problem goes away altogether until the next time I turn the amp on and try again.

3. It does NOT have this problem when I go from Clean to Lead channels. Only from Lead to Clean.

4. Please fix this. I have a gig on the 9th and I have to switch channels constantly throughout 3 or 4 songs and I'm afraid I'm going to make somebody go deaf.

Thanks for any ideas. I e-mailed Peavey but I don't expect a response.
Quote by User_Name336
if its brand new just return it and get a new one. i'm sure the store will exchange after you show them the problem.
problem solved.

I ordered it from MF.com. I need an amp on the 9th for a show and it would take way longer than that to ship it to them and wait for it to come back. So I'd rather just fix it myself if possible.