Poll: Do you like power tube saturation?
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Yes, I like power tube saturation
25 76%
No, I don't like power tube saturation
8 24%
Voters: 33.
I'd like to hear why you like or don't like power tube saturation.

Personally, I'm split. I like when I'm playing bluesy stuff to get that warm, clipped tone but I also like sharp, bright and crisp unsaturated tone
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learn how a amp works, the majority of saturated gain is in the preamp. and normally from the driver.
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is this a trick?
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i love it, preamp + power amp saturation = awsomeness. putting my matchless spitfire up full blast will make anyone cream themself.

and to ibanez god, he didn't say anything about preamp gain or where the majority of your gain comes from. learn how to read a post.
I like pushing the power tubes for heavy rock, blues, NWOBHM and Hair Metal kind of stuff. For Heavier bands like Behemoth, LOG and the like, I use less power tube saturation (lower on the master, higher wattage amps) to keep the amp tight. I still like to push the tubes a little bit for Metal though.
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