Alright, so for Christmas I got a Zvex Fuzz Factory pedal (even though I specifically asked for the Brit Bender) because a guy at Long and McQuade (Canadian version of Guitar Center) suggested it would be better...he was probably just trying to make a sale anyways...

Now I tried out the Fuzz Factory and felt it was too overwhelming, and it isn't the right sound that I'm looking for (no matter how many combinations I used).

My main guitar is a Fender Highway One Strat, with a '73 Japanese Les Paul copy as my backup/secondary. I used the Strat with the Zvex and I felt it could have sounded better. When I used my Les Paul it actually sounded alright. So this could only mean that the Zvex was meant for humbuckers...

I'm thinking about returning the Zvex and ordering the MJM Brit Bender from proguitarshop.com, but I really need some opinions to see if I'd get my moneys worth more with the Zvex. They are both the exact same price.

The sound I'm going for is the Jimmy Page Yardbirds/Led Zeppelin I fuzz. I was completely amazed with the MJM demo from proguitarshop.com, but I still want to know if it's worth it more than the Zvex.

(P.S. would the Brit Bender work well with single-coils p/u's?)
The Britbender is a Tonebender and will be WAAAAY better for Zeppelin as I believe that Jimmy Page used Tonebenders. The FF is the most overrated fuzz evar.


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How much of a difference is there between the Throbak and the MJM?

Both are clones of the Tonebender, just different flavors. Actually, both are really good clones. It just comes down to preference. That said, I've played the Brit Bender in person but from the clips of the Throbak, I thought it sounded better.
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