Has anyone here heard of the Australian jazz guitarist James Muller? He's been on the scene for a while, and he's among the most in-demand guitarists on the Sydney scene. He's played with notable musicians such as James Morrison, Mike Nock, Dale Barlow, Vinnie Colaiuta, Christian McBride and many more.

Here are some videos of his playing:

is him in his own quartet, playing his composition Green Eyes.

, this time just his trio.

is from a gig I was at by a band led by pianist Mark Isaacs. There's no soloing, but it shows Muller's skill as an accompanying player. Really great tune too.

I've seen him upwards of fifteen times in the last year and a half, and he never fails to impress, whether he's leading his own trio and quartet or in another player's band. Apart from his incredible inventiveness when soloing, he's most well known for his concept of rhythm and his extremely tight playing. He's definitely worth checking out if you haven't seen him before.

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Hey mate,

Probably really old thread but couldn't agree more, Muller is world class and one of (if not the) Australia top Jazz musicians.
I'm actually doing some study at Uni on him this year on his rhythm and melodic improv approach!
His name is similar to that of former Bills running back Jamie Mueller.
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