I've been really interested in learning classical music on guitar lately, but I don't know any other pieces to learn.

I've learned Fur Elise, Bouree, Hall of The Mountain King, and Canon.

What other pieces of classical music are generally learned on guitar?
Listen to well-known classical guitarists and decide what you like. I always liked Christopher Parkening, and his taste in music and way of performing it. Listen to Segovia, John Williams, Julian Bream, etc.

There are many, many good pieces of classical music arranged for guitar.
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a few pieces I learned that I find rewarding:

Bach - Prelude from BWV 999 (see videos on youtube)
Vivaldi - Largo from mandolin concerto RV 93
Tarrega - Lagrima
Austurias (Leyanda) by Isaac Albeniz (spelling) is a good one; originally for piano, but in reality, most of the time it's done on guitar. Very challenging though.

Spanish Romance by anonymous is good too.

Bedroom Acoustics by Muse...I'm not sure if this is a "classical" piece, but it's still a fun one. Check it out.
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