thanks man i really appreciate the feedback we need all the cristism we cant get i'm glad you like it though haha tell your friends!
oh for any bands lookin to get up with jamie, just messege me or something i gots the connection son!
very nice. it was really good, one thing though with the intro it seemed like the arpeggios were covered way to much by the chords, maybe pull back on that a little and boost the arpeggios.?
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Very nice!

Nice use of effects. Very good vocals.
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thanks guys the feedback is really appreciated especially from you guys since you are all musicians and stuff. and for f8iscruel we did that on purpose to have a more ballsy rhythm hah you know
BTW we are recording more songs that I think people should check out. Tell us what you think, I think it will be worth you time and if it wasn't then tell us we suck. SERIOUSLY!