just another lyric. hope you guys like it!

Verse 1

There are times when I think my head screams for more,
the booze and the drugs that just lays on the ground and
my puke on the floor.
The headache i have is something I ignore, something
I've had so often that it doesn't matter anymore.
I look myself in the mirror, and ask myself once again;
Do i really want this to end?


I take the bottle and drink once again,
I don't even remember if i bought it or if it was stolen
in the end,
the faces are staring at me wherever I go,
I feel paranoid and a sudden lust to just let them know.

Verse 2

It feels like I dream, I'm in heaven again,
the drugs are the only thing that keeps me going in the end,
I go to the party and say hello to all the diffrent people,
I know they just want to be my friend 'cause I have all
things that feeds 'em,
my brain starts to collapse and I droze off once agian.
Maybe this is finally the ****ing only end?

Bridge 2

The dreams I see are pretty much unclear,
there are just these dark things yelling in my ears,
they tell me to quit, but I'm not one of those,
I keep going on untill someone slaps me in the face and tells me to stop.

Verse 3

I wake up and realize I lie in this hospital bed,
I did end up here anyway,
I see her crying and she's begging me to stop,
that's not easy to do, 'cause im bound to these drugs.
I know that the only way out for me, is to shout to everyone,
that I love them, then take the gun and shoot me in the head.

Verse 4

I telephone everyone, and when I hear their voices I'm near to tears,
I tell them I love them, and that they shouldn't have any fears,
I don't want them to know what will come next,
That's just gonna frighten them and freak them out.
I tell everyone, even the tv and radio, I say good-bye to even
the most random people, I just want them to know that a life
of another drug and booze addict is coming to the end,
hey don't be sad, that's how it's supposed to be.


The wind breezes through my hair, I didn't dare to take that gun,
instead I'm standing on this roof and waiting for something
to make me jump. Then I think about everyone I love
and I hate, tears start falling down my eyes, then I jump down
into the maze.

Bridge 3

I think I saw the light at the end of the day,
where God saves my life, I thank him for my fate,
and for everything that have happened in my life,
I don't even want to know,
I hate to remember those dark times, although
they all have given me hope,
they've also given me faith.
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