recently recorded rock/alternative song with vocals. Not completely finished still missing some vocals. I think the end is the best part though. let me know what You think I should do the part that has no vocals. its on my profile as RUNNING HELPLESS
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i listened to all the tracks and it sounded ok. Especially the 7-string guitar sounds nice and crunchy. One of the songs sounded a lot like pantera but it doesn't matter. The one with vocals didn't have a whole lot happening in it. It was a bit boring to me but i liked the ending. Vocals didn't sound too bad. Overall it was ok.
Sounded cool, a hell of a lot of influeced by alice in chains in my opinion due to the vocals. wich is cool. drum sound is been done really good. including the chorus guitar part. i only wish that it wouldn't clip this much. you know what i mean? the sound cracks,,, and try to get the gain down a bit on the electric guitars. and why 20 seconds of silence afterwords?
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