So next february, muse is going to play in singapore,.. I love muse a lot and absolutely would love to see them play live but I don't exactly live in singapore,..

So to watch em' play,.. I have to fly there spending about 100 singapore dollars excluding the price of tickets for the show (around 148 singapore dollars) and this is only me,.. my bro and dad also wanna tag along with me,.. there not into muse that much though

So now I feel kinda conflicted cause like I'm spending a family fortune on this one night muse show,...

So my question is,.. should I really go for this? I mean is all the effort and money worth this one night? or should I just wait til I move to canada in 2 years and catch more shows for cheaper rates,....

tl;dr ,... just read the wall 'o' text
Where exactly do you live?

To be honest I don't think it's worth spending a lot of your families money on one gig. They're a great live band but I don't think it's sensible or very realistic.

I'd just wait it out.
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thanks hendrix,.. I knew it'd be worthy not posting this in the pit,.. those pit monkeys don't take anything seriously,...

you knwo what I think your right

btw I live in miri, sarawak on the island of borneo
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