you have to live near little chute wisconsin

music type: post- hardcore, hard rock

bands like escape the fate, blessthefall, alesana, the devil wears prada, the word alive, etc

members needed: guitarist (1 or 2), drummer, bass player

i've been playing for about 2 years and i'm average. i'm either gonna sing, or sing and play guitar, or just play guitar
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hey ima guitar player and i live in racine wi, ive been playen for 4 yrs. im 16 yr old female and i can kik out a mean solo if im in a good mood. im round average but i still make some mistakes. im looken 4 my level to start a band
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awesome, but racine's a 2 hour 4 minute drive away.

aw man...eh well i guess. ill keep looken
hey man, we're looking for a singer and possible rythm guitarist. we're a band from manitowoc, a little out of the way, but we have a guitarist, drummer, and a bassist. we normally practice on sundays, and we play alternative, rock, and metal. we have all equipment. PM me, choaswhitewolf, or jango22 for more information.
I'm a drummer, guitarist, bassist, songwriter, and vocalist. It's good to be balanced.