Hey How are you? So i've been thinking in buying an amp so far i have thought in 2 amps : Peavey vypyr 15-watts
Peavey rage 258 20-watts

I'm kind in a budget around 150€. And I play almost everything so sound variety is a key word.
But lately i saw the valve king royal 8 of 5 watts which is a tube amp, and the others are transistor amps, I'm asking from all of your wisdom to tell or advice me what amp should i choose or what do you suggest me.

Now i know that tube amps require some kind of maintenance, i don't know too much about that but i think i can handle it if i can't there's always a guitar center around

thx in advance
Well, the Royal 8 will lose in versatility to the Vypyr, but the Royal 8 will have the best sound quality, and will probably be pretty versatile if you pair it up with a multi-fx like the Boss Me-20

As for the maintenance, they don't really require that much of it. Just a few dos and don'ts when using the amp, and eventually replacing the tubes. It's not hard to do, and as you said, a professional will take care of it in a jiffy if you're in doubt of your own capabilities.

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