So, this summer I'm thinking to buy myself an electric guitar and i saw this one:
The CE Alder 24 and i just wanted to ask do you recommend it, are in Vienna any avalible and what's the price?

P.S.: I searched for anything useful on the forum but found nothing...
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Think of it as a PRS SE made out of "Strat" wood instead of "Les Paul" wood. I am sure it is a fine guitar, like all of the other PRS SE guitars. I don't know if any are available in your area. Call your local distributor and see if they will get one for you.
I don't live in Vienna but my uncle does and I'm supposed to go to him. What is the difference between CE and SE?
Sorry, my bad. It has been a very long night. The CE is one of the American-made guitars and is much better than the SE, which is made overseas (still a very nice guitar). You can't go wrong with an American-made PRS. They've become the standard by which almost every other guitar maker is judged.

You'll love it.
Thank you very much and if you have any information about the price I would be very grateful!
The CE Alder 24 retails for US$2,700.00. So it probably sells (at least in the U.S.A.) for about US$1,900.00 or so.
in american dollars they range from 1900-2600 USD. I don't know which monetary unit Vienna uses, but expect alot of inflation from shipping and taxes/duties.