I was sitting around on the sofa the other day, and I thought to myself that "you know, what would be nice, what would really pull this living room together, might just be a mounted antique military rifle hanging on top of that actionable fireplace."
So, I took a few puffs, and went out into the Saturday late morning sunshine and proceeded to go 'antique rifle hunting', if you'll allow me to mush those two together. After a few stops, an hour or two, and some lovely conversation, I walked into this antique shoppe down the block, and it only took me a few seconds to see that they had just what I was looking for: a rifle hanging on the wall, in pretty decent shape, and from the looks of it, it seemed to've been made around the 20's or 30's or so. I immediately smiled to the woman behind the counter, who was reading her book, and asked her about it. She put her book down, walked over to said mounted rifle where it was behind the register, and took it down while talking to me about it,- that she thought it was ugly in her store, and she might let it go cheap. She turned around and handed it to me, and I accepted - the slightly satisfactory weight, and the tiny click here or clank there from the internal machinery.

"Where was it made?" I asked

"Somewhere in France, seems to be from round the 30's or so I'd say" the woman crank-crooned out, with a friendly face.

"the 30's? French?" I said. "Well, we can be sure of one thing, - it won't need much cleanin'!"

We both laughed.
I agree with Zach. The tone and language in this is simple put pleasant. Regardless of what's happening in the story, this is the first time I've really enjoyed the way you presented things.
I thought it was interesting, my only gripe is with some of the wording, i tripped up a few times reading through it.

For example, "She put her book down, walked over to said mounted rifle where it was behind the register" didn't read too well for me. I'd likely have written it in a slightly different way - " She put down her book and walked over to the rifle, it hung starkly behind the register" or something like that.

There were a few instances such as that, but overall, it was a refreshing read and i could easily see it being part of a larger story.