Recently, I've been finding it hard to get engrossed in my playing. I'm a rhythm guitarist & play just chords usually, but the odd tab if I can master it. I have pretty much mastered open chords, barre chords & chords with a bass aswell (forgot what their called - like D/F#... basicly slash chords). I understand theory to the point where I know how to make major & minor chords, I know all the notes of western music & can play then on guitar. I play stuff thats in the UK & US charts most of the time - the odd song from a couple years ago aswell. I play mostly R&B, Pop & Alternative.
So how can I spice up my playing, so songs are very recognisable but still use chords and maybe a tab aswell?
you could always try adding a bit more complicated patterns in what you play. you could try doing a bit of lead guitar too (just a suggestion). for bass if you want you could learn to play some tool or system of a down (both great bassits but not the genre you play. sorry).
I'd check out some songs that use fingerpicking; Nothing Andy Mckee or Antoine Dufour crazy, but at least something different; IE, "Unintended" by Muse, it's all basic chords (except for a B7, but it's not too hard once you know the fingering). Also, check out some tunes like Radiohead's "High and Dry", and learn the Soloish bits in it (not the random ebowed parts, the solos, you'll probably be able to tell the difference), and "Fake Plastic Trees", which is pretty simple, but you'll end up learning some new chords (their names sound worse than they actually are).
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