Bought the head about 2 years ago brand new and for the first time I'm having trouble. First it blew a fuse, so i replaced it and it worked for another day or so. Now it just blows the fuse as soon as i put a new one in and start playing. I have no knowledge of amplifier electronics so if anyone has experienced anthing like this a response would be great.
I think your power tubes are dead or dying if you keep blowing the same fuse.
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definatly power tubes need replacing, i bet it went up and down in volume right before the fuse blew and there was possibly a loud "pop" just before the amp shutdown.

the "pop" would of been the power tube blowing

great oppurtunity to get rid of the crap stock tubes and upgrade to some jj 6l6gc (get a matched quad) and cryogenic treated tubes aren`t worth it.

never just replace a fuse without understanding what caused the fuse to blow in the 1st instance i`m surprised you haven`t damaged the amp further by just replacing the fuse.
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It actually was working fine one minute and when i turned it off and back on it blew the fuse. After that every time i replaced one it blew. Anyways how much will it cost to replace the tubes?
id tae it to a tech just t have a good look inside and make sure its not anything else. would suck to replace tubes when its something completely different. power tubes does sound right though.
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Will preamp tubes turn black and melt slightly undernormal conditions and still work?
a set of power tubes i paid £50 plus p+p, for jj 6l6s, if your in the uk i recommend hotrox, they gave me great advice and i`ve just ordered some more stuff from them to mod my vk, stay away from watford valves, they are rude give bad advice and don`t deliver on time.

in the US ain`t got a clue who to get tubes from........
in the US, Dougstubes.com is a great place to get tubes, really good prices and nice descriptions on every type of vacuum tube offered.

now, onto the more important matter:

It MAY not just be your power tubes. My RM50 had a very similar episode almost two years ago. Just jammed one day and not even on half volume, amp was still only a couple months new, and POP! fuse blew and amp was no good. eventually got new fuses...they kept blowing...i took a chance and opened up the chassis and took it apart and saw that there was black soot on a big part of the circuit board (instant mule-kick-to-stomach-feeling)...WARRANTY TIME. luckily the techs didn't see my fingerprint on one of the wires (haha black soot finger print on a bright blue wire...you'd think they'd notice that :P) and they fixed it no charge except for me shipping it TO them. they paid parts and labor and shipping BACK to me. it only took a few weeks worth of time for everything. maybe a month at most.

if you're lucky enough to still have some sort of warranty, and the tubes aren't the problem, get that found at ASAP. if not, then expect to take it to a tech. i'm not telling you my somewhat dim story to scare you, i just want you to be aware in case your tubes aren't the primary problem.

slash_edit: oh yea forgot to mention- it wasn't the fuse behind either of my power tubes that kept blowing (still replaced them lol), it was the fuse behind the power cable insert. dunno if all amps have a fuse behind there (assuming so), but if yours does and it's fine, then i guess that's a good bet it's not the same prob as mine lol. but hey...i'm not 100% sure that it didn't START with one of the tube fuses and THEN go to the power adapter fuse...honestly...
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