hi all
i have a neck [ordered / 2 be shipped on monday]
the neck is bolt-on , 25 scale , 24 frets
warmoth wont sell me a body without neck pocket routed
does this neck need bigger or smaller neck pocket plz ?
if need bigger is ok i can route the warmoth more, if its less then im afraid .... idk what 2 do yet if i cant do that

any info will be very much appreciated thank you

ps: or if u know any site or something 2 get a body 4 it and have it routed here (pickups/bridge/neck pocket since all r for strat sizes) tell me also ty again
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Depends on the neck. Warmoth sells 24 fret necks but its just a fretboard extension. And we have no idea of the heel specs on this neck you bought. You need a link or pic or measurements? As its warmoth if the neck heel you have will fit in the neck pocket then you can order it without the bridge or pickups routed. Then you can move the bridge as need to fit the neck and scale you have. But there's probably somebody on UG that might make you a body like that without paying warmoth prices.
If the neck heel has the same specs as a fender neck, it should fit in a warmorth body.
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no ,its not extension like warmoth's, its handbuilt
i didnt ask/aqcuire about the heel when i ordered , i guess it will be big box style ?
i will cont the thread n post some photos when i receive it and measure the thing so u have a better picture

ps: Tackleberry this is a great indea , will keep u posted on the progress
i just got a photo of it !
here it is !!!
hopefully it will enter a custom 24 like body - black korina
i should have it in ~10dayz max i guess

edit: any1 interested on makin me a prs body tell me
edit2: bocote/ebony
edit3: from the looks of it it looks like the heel starts around fret 17 like my fenders but is has more length to it .. it still have to w8 and measure it though....
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i have the neck , looks nice feels smooth
as i look at it the start of the curve for the heel begins at end of 15 fret/start of 16 and starts officially at fret 16 until 24
unfortunately after some search i couldnt find a ruler or something to measure it , will post more about it tomorrow

edit/ps: comparing with other things i know their size it is aprox. 10-10,5cm depth x ~6cm width
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the height of the heel is 2cm
its deep 10,4cm
It begins 5.5cm wide and finish at 5.7cm
so i guess if i dont find something better, a warmoth body will do just enlarge its neck pocket ?