OK so i might have made a mistake in doing this but I bought a broken ISP Decimator hoping to fix it. The description said that it would not power on so I was hoping is was just a simple blown diode like I have seen in other pedals but this doesn't seem to be the case. To make matters worse I can't find the schematics for it anywhere either. Does anybody have any ideas on what it could be or where I might be able to find the schematics? There doesn't seem to be any breaks in the circuit because it doesn't show infinite resistance from beginning to end it has a little.
Its unlikely the company making ISPs is gonna release the schematic anytime soon. They are making a killing of selling those things. If they let it out then everybody will be making copies.
Yeah this is very true. I wonder if I can get it fixed by somebody that knows electronics better than me for a reasonable price.