guys i could use your help you guys dont fail me, i just need to know how this man is hitting these frets in the video around 29 seconds. its crazy train i know just help me please i would really like to know. what fret and string is he hitting when he makes the really crazy harmonics


i appreciate the help
Pinch harmonics. Touch the string with your right thumb while picking. You need good pickups/amp though to get them to squeal properly.
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They're just pinch harmonics, which generally sound cooler on the thicker strings (although it's slightly harder to pull them off on thick strings). Also, note that he's palm muting at the same time that he's playing those pinch harmonics. You might wanna use a thicker pick than usual and experiment with the different places where you can pull off a pinched harmonic. This guy seems to be using the most common one, so to speak: between the humbuckers


If you're not that familiar with pinch harmonics at all you might wanna check out the whole video...

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thanks guys but i wanna what fret and string hes hitting em on cuz ive tried it every which way and i cant figure it out, thanks for the help so far
What fret doesn't matter so much - what matters is where you pick.
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well ya but like i cant get that squeal, im just trying to pick a reference point do you get what i mean?