So, as of late, I'm not that satisfied with my amp. It's a B-52 LS100 head. It doesn't have much balls. Plus, I'm kind of tired of having a stack, so I wonder... how much better would a small tube combo sound? Like, a 6505 112? Worth the upgrade?

Also, what other amps can you suggest. I don't want to spend more than.. $1200 really.
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i would keep the B52 cab and buy a 6505 head. the head version just sounds better than the combo

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In that case, I actually don't have the matching cab, but instead a Laney LX412A. Is that a decent enough cab? Also, can you run the 6505 head with a 2x12 cab? I really don't want a 4x12 in my room.
I also prefer 2x12's to 4x12's (Portability reasons), but yh it should work as long as you match the impedance of the head and cab correctly
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