So I didnt ask for anything specific for xmas, but all my aunts uncles, parents, cousins, gifts etc etc added all together brings me to like 260 dollars in samash gift certs. I have no idea what to buy and I was hoping someone had some suggestions

Right now I have an epi les paul custom, a spidervalve 212, and the fbv shortboard. Thats all my rig consists of.

I love my clean on the SV, i loooove my dirty-ish clean, i love my semi distorted blues setting....but from there on I have trouble. Im just downright bad at eqing med to high gain settings. Both rhythm and lead. I also feel like the crunch setting on the SV isnt high gain enough and the metal setting is too much gain lol, i need something in between.

So I was wondering if buying an overdrive or even a dist. pedal would at least help. Im just wondering, "no" is a perfectly fine answer lol. What im looking for specifically in my lead/solo is the tone frusciante has in live performances. I realize he uses a strat and i dont, but im not too picky and just wanna be somewhere in that area.

Sooo after rambling a little lol, should I buy an overdrive or dist. pedal? Or justget better at EQing lol. Also, any other suggestions on what I should buy that would be useful?

thank youuuu

edit: and PS I have a WH10 reissue coming by mail. So no need for a new wah (the fbv shortboard wah isnt the best and id prefer just using that pedal for volume so i ordered a WH10V2)
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Honestly putting a OD/Dist pedal on your spider isn't really the best thing you have enough options with the spider Valve Eq'ing will make the difference. If anything to help you can pick up a EQ pedal that will work some magic for ya in a ways as it'll allow you to sculpt your tone abit more the treb/mid/bass. Check some of the Artist patches and go from there as well.
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yeah that was always in my mind, I knew modelling amps didnt take pedals very well but i was just wondering. Ill look into an EQ pedal though thanks. Now...what should i buy with all these gift certs lol
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I'd say you're better off learning how to EQ your amp with the built in knobs before getting pedals to address the issue. You might end up wasting your money on something you don't need to get.

As far as burning you christmas cash, if your amp covers all the effects you want/need then buy a whole crapload of strings and picks
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