Simple and easy, but sounds alright. Good job.
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That's quite good for a first improvisation, from someone who had terrible first improvisations and has seen other people have terrible ones.

You've obviously yet to grow into a general sort of comfort and flow with the notes, but that'll come. Keep at it!
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Not bad at all, definately better than my first time. Once you do it more you'll find things like licks and bends just start to come naturally, so my only real advice is do more improv.
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That actually wasn't lame at all. You kept it simple and tasteful. For a first improvisation that was really good. Parts of it kinda reminded me of some early Black Sabbath leads (E minor at mid tempo will usually bring them to mind). Keep doing what you're doing; learn new scales and improvising and be creative.
You should really add some vibrato. That will really make the notes "sing".
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