So to explain a little, i first learned to sing in choir, so whenever i make songs, i usually write the music first or lyrics, but my problem comes when im trying to write a melody line for my songs, so does anyone have any suggestions for me to help me get out of this habit of creating literally harmonies for a melody instead of a good melody, i would appreciate helkp if there is any haha thanks in advanced
I'm in a choir too and write my own songs. Weird! Anyway, I reckon the best way to get a good melody is to do the chords first then the melody. When you are happy with your chord sequence play notes off the chord (the I III V). Then just fiddle around for ages with them and eventually you'll find something your happy with. Then add loads of passing notes (notes which aren't I III V) and stick them in between the notes off the chord. This will give the melody "a life of it's own." I hope this helped.
You could record yourself singing improvised melodies. Then, you can either directly take the melody you created or alter it to your needs. I've sort of been doing that lately and it's been working for me.
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