Ok so Im gonna make this quick.

When I turn my amp up to ten and my guitar up to ten, there is a high pitched buzzing coming from the high e string (small one).

Is there something wrong with the bridge on my guitar (ie does it need adjusting) or is it something else.
no its just a buzz when I turn the volum up

I can make it stop by muting the string, but I was wondering if there was a more permanent solution
hmm, could be a grounding problem, where the ground wires aren't connected properly inside.
either that or it's feeding back from the amp
Is it feed back? And are you turning the gain or the volume of the amp to ten?
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are you sure it's just the high e and not every other metal part on the guitar?
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are you sure it's just the high e and not every other metal part on the guitar?

I can stop the noise by muting the high e string.
Ive tried doing this to the other string and only the high e stops the noise