so on the esp eclipse series. i am looking to get one if i'm not able to get the MH-1000. what is the upper fret access like.. for shredding? and are they confortable for sitting down?

also it has 3 knobs.. but it doesn't say what any of em are.. is it vol/tone/tone or vol/vol tone??
First off, the knobs are Vol/Vol/Tone

Second, the upper fret access is great for shredding, but I'll admit, not as good as the MH. It's still much better than a Gibson LP, and you won't have any problem playing solos really high up there (ex: first solo in "Nemesis" by Arch Enemy, Fredrik Akesson used to use an EC), it's just that the MH cutaway is much deeper. They are very comfortable for sitting down though, provided you play on the left leg (and you better), you don't even really have to hold it if you don't want to. It'll sit there quite balanced.

If you have any in depth questions on either the MH or EC, let me know, as I own both (just bought the two of them this month).

Hope I helped!

My friend has an ESP Eclipse, I don't shred, but it seemed to have plenty of room for the higher notes. I don't see why people choose guitars that allow them to comfortably reach that 24'th fret over other so many other qualities when choosing a guitar.
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Ive only played the EC 500 and 1000 but i assume they are the same
You can go much comfortably higher then 17-19 fret without having to bend your hands in weird ways
Ive also played the MH1000 and it is leaps and bounds better in my opinion for shredding
THe EC are not bad sitting down but i down like where the groove in for my leg compared to my schecter and the MH1000
I have no clue about the knobs
ESP and Jackson do a good job on this. ESP contours the neck heel, so it felt very natural (for me anyway) hitting the high high high notes.
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Fret access is a product of technical skill, not the shape of wood, honestly. Gibson Vs have horrible fret access, but it doesn't give you trouble after a bit of getting used to. To answer your question, the Eclipse does have really easy access to higher frets, if you look, the lower horn is scooped out much deeper than on a Gibson Les Paul, so that the horn almost sticks out at a right angle. Now if only they'd make an ESP Eclipse with 24 frets.
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ESP Eclipse upper fret access is junk. I've got small hands though so that may be the problem but anyway the major difficulty is just getting your hand up that high and within a comfortable position. If they had done the rear like they do it on the PRS Singlecut guitars then without a doubt it would be easy to play up high but because it cuts off at right angles it just gets a tad odd to play up high comfortably.