Well, we're a metal band whose main influences include Metallica, Dream Theater, Iced Earth, Edguy, and Symphony X, among others. We've just started recording a demo, and as of right now we have four songs "finished" (the quote marks are because the mixing is still rough). The link's in my sig, so give em a listen! We're planning to record 3 more songs for this demo, and those three are definitely the more progressive ones (we saved the longer, more complicated songs for last) - one of em is 8 minutes long and continues the story of The Author's Soliloquy (details in the song descriptions in my profile), and another is a 15 minute power metal epic. But anyway, listen to the four we've already finished, and any feedback (musically and technically, because the mixing and production are far from perfect) would be greatly appreciate.

The sound quality overall isn't too great; we recorded this in a basement with Garageband. Digital Performer wasn't working for us for some reason. We only had 3 microphones at our disposal to record the drums with, but luckily two of them were condenser mics that we borrowed from a music teacher. Our biggest priority right now is just getting another microphone so we can mic up the bass drum, because that's just about inaudible most of the time. We also had just bought a Lexicon Omega recording interface, but other than that, we had just about no good recording equipment at our disposal. Any tips for how to get better recordings with what we have or how to better mix these tracks would be greatly appreciated.

Also, our name right now is Tempest, but we're contemplating a name change because there's already 3 well-known bands with that name. Some ideas we've come up with include Typhon and Razor's Edge (yes, that is a nod to Octavarium). Any suggestions or opinions would also be appreciated.

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It was pretty good. Better recording quality would definitely help, and I also think you could be a little bit more creative with your riffs. But its a great start. I agree that a name change would be beneficial. And I also like that you have a song titled "The Mountains Of Madness". H.P. Lovecraft is one of my favorite authors. He's tied with Dr. Seuss for #1.
Like punk the way it used to be? Deranged Youth Its like what Warped Tour should be!

Want to hear something mind-blowing? Pit O' Bodies Its like an amateur hypnotist plus the Spanish Inquisition!
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Update on the whole name change thing - we're considering "Beyond Redemption". Any feedback would be appreciated.
Great vocals!! Not too "power metal"(which is good imo ) but really good vocals!

I start thinking old Dragonforce when I hear the Madness song, and that's a compliment because old Dragonforce was kinda good

But yeah, the quality is meh. But on budget and when starting out it's okay

Btw, the keyboards on "Pedal to the Metal" sucks. They annoy me
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^Thanks! I really appreciate the comment on the vocals (lead singer/lead guitarist here )

What don't you like about the keyboards in PttM? Do you mean the sound quality sucks? (That mix has too much treble in it; originally the mix had as much bass as everything else, but it got horribly distorted right after the second chorus, and I overcompensated) Or do you just not like the musical composition?
UPDATE: New mp3 in the band profile, it's a better mixed version of Pedal to the Metal. Now it's vacation again, so hopefully we'll have the time to record more stuff.
really good music. also, beyond redemption would be an awesome name.
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pedal to the metal really reminds me alot of wicker man... i like it though, you guys sound good
A good guitar solo doesn't come from your fingers, it comes from your heart. And mine has alot to say. That is why i play.

Another update: just put up four live tracks. Two of em are just live versions of songs that were already on our profile, one is a longer, more progressive original song that we haven't recorded a demo version of yet, and one is a heavy metal cover of In the Hall of the Mountain King. The levels are sorta crappy though; the vocals aren't always clear, but that's not necessarily such a bad thing since I was suffering from uncontrollable vibrato. I didn't even realize the vibrato was so bad until I listened to the recordings later.
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I ment that the keyboard "tone" wasn't the best.

Please check out my band
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I ran over two squirrels at once one time. They were chasing after each other in the street, and I swerved to avoid them, but ended up with one under each tire. Still my greatest driving accomplishment to date.

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Hitler could have been aborted
^Sounds good! I'd say the lead solo tone could use some more bass, but the quality overall is awesome. Love the muting in Destiny. Has a really good groove, fun to listen to and makes me want to headbang. I think the vocals could use some work, though.
So we've entered a Battle of the Bands. If anyone lives near Hamden, Connecticut and is looking for something to do on Saturday, March 13th, then we'd love it if they'd come and see us. Winners are chosen partially based on how many fans show up, so if you're looking to do that night, go and say you're there to see Tempest. We get a better shot at (the absolutely ridiculous and awesome) prizes, and you get a night full of good bands, so everybody wins!

It's at a venue called The Space, here's the link: http://www.thespace.tk/botb.html
Kush, I'm heavily influenced by a lot of power metal bands, does your band have a myspace?
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