I'm looking for a new guitar and some new pedals. I currently have a Squire Telecaster Deluxe guitar, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amp, Marshall RF-1 reflector reverb pedal and Delay,Distortion,Tremolo and Wah pedals from Behringer. My fav bands are Death Cab for Cutie,The Shins,Muse,Radiohead and Paramore. So has anyone any ideas on guitars and pedals that would help me achieve a sound like any those bands?????? Thanks
The guitars arent really going to change the sound itself that much, its more of a comfort thing. Go to your local music store and try out some guitars and find out what feels comfortable to you. But you might try the Les Paul, or just go with me on this one, if you can find one in the shop (cuz they arent that popular) BC Rich assassin, or mockingbird.
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Quote by britishsligean
have a look at a tele with a hh configeration or sh configeration

yeah id deffo say a telecaster of some sort
whats your budget on this guitar?
Despite the reputation squiers get the higher end range are really good guitars so instead of buying another tele, why not look for another style and sound?

You can't go wrong with a Fat Standard Strat if you're looking for versatility and you like the feel of a fender guitar however if i was you i'd go and try some out.
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yeah dont get another tele
mybe a les paul type or a strat
Quote by OhNoItsHimAgain
yeah id deffo say a telecaster of some sort
whats your budget on this guitar?

well i'm willing to spend whatever tbh. if its worth it then i'll pay and i do love tele's
Try out the 72 Thinline Tele. I really like them and may pick one up in the future.
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