So I put my triple rectifier head up for sale or trade and got a few trade offers that stood out to me. One of them being a like new Orange Rockerverb 50 head that was bought new in June. The other is a 1987 Marshall 2550 25/50 Silver Jubilee head in mint condition.

Apparently the Orange sells for about the same price as the triple rec so it seems to be a fair deal. But the Marshall seems to be worth more than my Triple Rec since it's a rare amp that was only made for one year.

I need some opinions on these trades! I'm not a total expert so opinions would be great. The guy with the orange wants to trade and the guy with the Marshall is not sure because he says "it seems to be a bit to high gain for my needs. It seems to be designed just for metal, my style often requires a warmer tone."

good trades? opinions are appreciated!
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Recto ownz both those amps. keep yer recto and save up for a marshall if you want that sound.

Recto's are very versatile, don't see what the issue is.
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well it comes down to what type of tone you want, both do rock really well, but the orange will also go into metal country, why are you wanting to trade your recto anyway, i still have mine, live i went with an orange though for a more organic distortion.
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sell the recto for a lot, and buy the marshall if that's what you really want.
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I own a dual rectifier also. I bought the triple rectifier not even a week ago for $725 CAD (690 USD?) and it sounds the same as my dual so I'm just looking to try out a different head and possibly be able to make more money on the other amp (if I decide to sell it) than I would with my recto.
I'd do the trade. Rectos aren't worth shit right now and the Jubilees are.
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You have a dual and triple rec? =S
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Yes I have a dual and a triple rec.

If the Jubilee is all original I will definatly go with that. If not, I might trade for the rockerverb 50 as it is probably worth the same as the triple recto?
Trade for whichever one, they are both worth way more then the rec.

Edit; I guess triple recs were more then I thought they were.

Either way trade for whichever, if you already have a dual.
Matthew 7:7 ""Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

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Been a while since anyone has posted here, but thought I would announce that I traded for an Orange Rockerverb 50. Sounds great. More of an organic sounding gain channel which I like and the clean channel is just way better than the recto!