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So who has the coolest last name here?

Mine is Watt, which is alright. I like to think of myself of being ELECTRIC

I've heard others like Stone, Longclaws, ect.

How cool is your last name?
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Orr.... as in #4
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mines not all that cool, but my friend on here has the last name Eye

no I'm serious that is his last name

I'll be watching this thread
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I would post it, but I am quite literally the only person in the world with it -- it's a triple-barraled name made up of my mum's double-barraled name and my dad's normal name. ****ing mental shit.
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You should be using UG classic.

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Screw you guys, my last name is Berger. BEAT THAT D<

EDIT: If I ever have kids of my own, I'll name my son Ham or my daughter Cheese.
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That's automatically what i associated your name with.
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because i'm so able that it's PLURAL!
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Ehh, it's okay, if you're into French bastardisations of native tribe names, or something to that effect.
Pedersen. As in Peder's son.

Kinda ****ed as my dads name is Erik, and my moms name is Joanna.
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