Moving here because nnoone replied in the guitar forum!

Ok, basically there's a Peavey amp I tried out fairly recently, I loved it, more so than any amp I've used before - and much much more so than my spider - but I can't find any information on it.

From what I remember, it had '412es' written on it, and had a price tag of £700 [$1,200usd] for the head and cab.

So yeah, does anyone know anything about it, tried it, know where I can find stuff on it, or anything else? If not, could you recommend something around that price range [generally I play soft/hard rock/metal/havayoth sorta stuff]?

Anything at all on it will be appreciated
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Why don't you call up the shop where you tried it?

To be honest, they're not the greatest. I've asked them, all they said was the wattage and that it had tubes. Might've just been a crap salesman, though...
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check out the peavey website

I have, it's not on there. It definately was a Peavey. I'm starting to think that it's been discontinued or something
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the windsor has just been discontined yet they still have the 412 cab and the price of the cab and the last price i knew of the head would put it about the same price