I wanted to know, how do you guys wrote most of your songs, do you just sit and go like "Ok, I'm gonna write a song" and do it? Or do you just wait for inspiration? Do you have any other "way" of writing songs?

I write most of my songs really stoned.
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I can't write songs at whim, I usually have to get hit with a source of inspiration.

Like a few days ago, I was laying in my bed at 6 in the morning, and I decided to pick up my guitar. And low and behold, I think I've written one of my best songs. D:

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i just fuck around with my guitar until I find a cool lick. then i evolve it into a song.I usually get my singer to write lyrics and a melody. it helps being in a band haha
usually i just play my guitar and then once in a while i come up with some pretty sweet riffs and just work around them to make something
I generally get hit with inspiration from listening to an album. I tend to pick up of a lot of ideas by listening to all the music that I do which helps me figure out arrangements.

After I get a bit of inspiration I sit down with my acoustic, electric, bass, and keyboard and try and figure out a riff or think of an idea and I just go from there. I'm ****ing terrible at writing lyrics though so I tend to hold those off until after I've pitched the song to one of my 2 bands (a punk band or the alt band).
I just mess around with my guitar, 'till I get some nice riff. Then, if it's good, the other riffs will come naturally.

Creating the lyrics is the big problem
mess around with riffs, then jam with band around that riff, no lyric advice though...I'm bad at that
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I usually work on a guitar riff for a couple weeks, untill it is easy to play without thinking, then the lyrics just come, after a few bowls or beers of course.
When it comes to lyricism, I tend to keep a small notebook with me when I'm out and about, for when I either feel inspired, or I think up a cool phrase or line, or something of the sort. Then, when I have time afterwards, I sit down, try to re-capture that initial feeling, and compile what I've written down into a set of lyrics.

Another way I find effective is to just sit down when I'm feeling very emotional (be it happy, or angry, or sad, or anything), and just write down what comes into my head, and slowly mould it into the a song.

Hope I helped in any way.