Long story short, guy stops communicating with me, I lose £175 Marshall 1960A.

Suggest me a 4x12 for as cheap as possible, please. Don't chime in with 'you don't need a 4x12', because a small cab does NOT sound like a big cab. If they did, there would be no need for bigger cabs in the first place, and I prefer to mic up the top right speaker and lower left.

The rest of my setup is:

Fender Japan Strat w/ Floyd Rose + Seymour Duncan lil' 59 in bridge

Fender Bassman 70 head (bass and guitar channels bridged)

Boss TU-2
Digitech Bad Monkey
EHX Big Muff USA
Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
EHX Small Stone
EHX Stereo Pulsar
MXR Carbon Copy
Akai Headrush

It needs to be able to handle some SERIOUS low-end. I'm only in Drop D, but with the Big Muff and some very fast echo on the CC with the super-bassy Bassman I'm doing Jucifer-type stuff. In the studio I used a Marshall 1960A.

Any help? My budget's under £300.
I was going to pay in person, see, but he never arranged pickup even when I called him. He just seemed flustered and had an air of 'oh crap...' as if he'd sold the amp for more elsewhere.

I won't find one for that cheap, and I can't buy until mid-Jan now 'cos I need more money, which has meant cancelled gigs due to not being able to rehearse... no cab, no amp, and my band's sound revolves around my weirdo setup. Bleh.
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because a small cab does NOT sound like a big cab.

I beg to differ, there are many 2x12s that sound just as big, if not bigger than a 4x12... Especially a 1960

I'd suggest you just save up then if that was the cheapest you can find a 1960 for, as they're pretty much the bottom-of-the-barrel higher end 4x12s.
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.

I'll probably just try to find another 1960... oh well! And Matrix, it's all about my mic'ng.
I have a fender FM 412 slanted cab.. They only cost about €200 brand new. They not, erm, that bad. Eminence apparently designed the fender china speakers. I don't use it so much any more. Was gonna get a Harley Benton 212 Vintage from thomann in march. Two celestion Vintage 30's for under €200.

EDIT: Hadn't checked the link on the above post. Seems like a fair deal, but I still dunnno if I'd go for another 412. Size and practicality are a major issue for gigging with me. Seat Ibizas don't hold alll that much in the boot...

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Have you looked in to Avatar cabs?
They aren't cheap, but are a great value. You really get your money's worth.

He's in the UK.
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4x12 ownz 2x12.

Get another 1960a or 1960b if you need more bass.
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I remember using a Hayden Peacemaker cab a few times and really liking it, so I bought one of those.

Cheers guys! Lock now.