Its after Christmas. And a realize that I'm not going to get that new $700 bass for christmas. So my question is, would putting new, more powerful, pickups on my squire p-bass be a good alternative for getting a completely new bass?

This is the set of pickups I'm looking at: http://www.guitarcenter.com/DiMarzio-DP127-Split-P-Replacement-Pickup-for-Fender-P-Bass-302265-i1127656.gc

My budget is $150.

do you like they way it plays? because I mean you could always just save your own money.
No, not really. Pickups don't change as much as you might think.
A better nut or bridge would make more difference.
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Hmmm. Okay thanks for the input. I didn't know pickups really didn't make that big of a difference.