I am thinking of buying an power adapter or brick to power my pedals. I am thinking of buying the Diago PowerStation. It can power up to 30 pedals without caring about the voltages of each pedal at all.
Unfortunately I've heard that it is noisy as hell. Is is worth to buy?
Or is it better to buy an boss psa-230 or something like that? Please help me
I've also heard about an Voodoo lab, but is too pricey for only to power some pedals.

I've been searching for a month and I'm still in doubt.
How do you power your pedals?


I use the Diego. It's top notch. Never had a problem with it. The adaptor plug (two pin like on a stereo or laptop) they give you is a bit crap but the unit itself is fine.

Is what some junkies refer to heroin as. For me it's just loads of wires and good sturdy housing, but just as addictive.