Forgive the title, but I got bored and was playing around with some thrash beats.

I was kind of going for a Testament feel, but it came off kinda Megadeth and a bit of Neo-Hardcore in there.

It's kind of missing something, what do you think?

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Awesome riffs and i like the way you put the clean chord in over top of the distortion like at 1:15, very nice. The harmonies worked well too. All your missin is a face ripping guitar solo and some intense vocals and you'll have yourself a grade A thrash song.

no video just song and pictures
Very nice stuff, the tone fits well. The riffs are good, thrash riffs can get boring but yours kept my attention for the whole song, even without vocals.

The drums can get a bit boring in places, try adding more fills and breaks and just playing around a bit.

Overall it's very good, some decent vocals would make it mindblowing. Sounds a bit Australian thrash-y. Good job.

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