Hi peeps I am currently having a problem with my downwards palm muting. I am mostly into metal so i like stuff like metallica and all that other stuff. Recently i have tried learning master of puppets i know most of it but on the intro i start off fine but until it gets to the part where its just one guitar playing my arm starts to ache really bad does anyone know how i can stop this from occuring because it really annoying

Also any tips on learning blackened by metallica because thats what i am hopefully gonna learn next when i resolve this palm muting problem (:
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you just have to build up strength in your arm
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How Would i do that i have tried many times to playit but it doesnt get any better
You just need to practice. My arm was like that when i first started, and it will just gradually go away over time if you pratice. And You need to be able to downpick good to play blackened
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yeah, all it is is practice. slow it down to about half speed so you can get the timing right for the palm muted notes and the non palm muted notes. once you can do this without even thinking about it, start to speed things up, but not to full speed straight away. as you build up the speed, you'll build up the muscle in your arm so the constant downpicking no longer hurts
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How Would i do that i have tried many times to playit but it doesnt get any better

Efficient movements, relaxed wrist/arm, good posture... beyond that a lot about downpicking is just building stamina, you have to practice it every day for as long as you can so you get completely worn out and then do it all again until you can do what you want.
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