I've been playing acoustic guitar for about 6 months now. I'm a decent player. I have a good grasp on major/minor scales and pentatonic scales. I've been itching to buy an electric guitar, but I'm not sure if there is a "right time" for me to buy it. I love playing my acoustic. I try to get in about 2 hours per night. There are things I would like to try, however, that I can't really do on my acoustic. So I pose a couple of questions:

1. Should I wait until I get a lot better on my acoustic before I take the leap to an electric? Or can I supplement my acoustic playing with a little electric mixed in. I'm afraid once I dive into the realm of electric guitar I'll like it so much I won't pick up my acoustic anymore.

2. (Maybe an odd question)...I live in an apartment. It's a nice, large 3 bedroom apartment, but an apartment none-the-less. I realize that I don't have to "turn it up to eleven" to enjoy the electric guitar, but will it take away from the overall enjoyment of the electric to constantly be wary of pissing off my neighbors? Can you play electric guitar through a good amp and wear nice headphones (occasionally) and still get a good, enjoyable sound (effects, etc...).

Thanks in advance for whatever advice you can give me.
if your in an apartment get something like vox tonelab for your comp or maybe a small modelling amp
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yeah a small amp like a roland micro cube is good for practicing.

i feel switching between electric and acoustic gives me a welcome change when i'm bored of either. i think they complement each other nicely.