Hello GB&C thread,
I'm in need of some basic help for wiring a project guitar that I'm giving to my little brother as a (rather belated) Christmas gift. The guitar is a simple BC Rich Warlock that was malfunctioning electronically and was cosmetically damaged. My brother sanded it down and repainted the body and neck.

I have ordered two pickups from the Guitar Fetish website. Both are Duncan imitation style 5 wire humbuckers, with a black, silver, red-white (attached) and blue wire. I also ordered a 3-way switch, input jack and two pots, one is 250K the other is 500K.

Upon reading the stickied threads and the Ultimate Wiring's first page I am still relatively confused as to what I should do exactly. I found this wiring diagram on the Seymour Duncan website (the wiring diagrams provided by GFS were not specific to my HH, vol, tone, 3-way configuration)


Now, I'm confused on a few points.

- First, the connection from the 500k pot to the top of the 3-way switch doesn't make sense to me. Where do I connect the switch end of the wire? And where did that wire come from? It's not labeled as being from either pup or the bridge, do i have to bring in wires that aren't attached to the existing electronics? If so, what type should i get?

- Second, same question with the connection from the middle of the 3-way switch to both pups + input and the connection from the 250k pot to the input is that the same as the ground wire from the bridge? Or is that also foreign wire?

- Last, the sleeve of the input jack is the longer metal part and the tip is the shorter metal piece?

Thanks for bearing with me, as you can tell this is my very first time doing this and I want to try and make sure I do it right.

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You should've just asked this in the Wiring thread. That's what it's for.

First thing I've had a couple of GFS pickups and the colors were black, red, white, green & a bare wire. Neither one had a blue wire.

Now for your questions.
The answer to the first one is yes you'll need some wire that doesn't come with the other electronics. I'm not sure of the exact gauge though. Post in the wiring thread and I'm sure someone can tell you. There is a tab on the switch that the wire gets soldered to. When get the switch you'll see it.

Question 2: More wires that you have to supply.

Question 3: When you get the jack look at it and compare it to the wiring diagram. You should be able to figure it out.

Did you get a .047 capacitor for your tone pot? If not you'll need to buy one of those too.