So, some of you may recognize this song. I posted it on here a while back, but I decided to go back and edit a bunch of things, plus my bassist completely re-wrote all of the bass parts. It's most likely going to be an instrumental, and I'm pretty happy with the final product, and I hope you guys like too. I'll also do c4c when I have the chance to return crits

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Classical tech metal 2.0.zip
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I realy like it
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Bass is definitely improved. Your bassist is skilled ;]

I remember this song. I remember not really being a fan of the drums on this song, and still am... and still am having trouble believing that your drummer can play a lot of this stuff haha! I was liking this until bars 113 - 114. I LOVED the harmonic minor section... and those two measures were an AWESOME transition into the Main Theme Key Change of the older version; I thought that a great addition to change the key with the same theme and stuff. Jumping right to the break left me unhappy with this remake... but y'know that's just my personal preference. That was just a part I really enjoyed.

Otherwise, it's still your kinda stuff. Some people have criticized you as making songs that tend to be a bunch of melodies thrown together relatively well... and that's true to an extent, but you still have talent. Nice song, especially for what it is as a short instrumental concept-ish song. Nice work. Get out some more new material! I've been waiting for something new, haha
Critting as I listen.

I enjoy the intro. It's good stuff. LOVE the classical influence [although a bit baroque style for me. I prefer romantic ]. I didn't really like the change to the darker riff though. It got very cluttered, and just didn't transition well enough. The darker riff itself is pretty good, standard pedal point with some spice though.

Not quite so dark was some excellent stuff though. Love it. The change to the D Maj melody was great as well. Love that melody.

Crazyness was just that... but a bit too much so for my liking. I just didn't enjoy the backing part. That first chord...

Love the way the counter point is working in the classico tech section though [at least that's how it sounds to me on the rhythm]. The classical break was great too.

Harmonic minor section thoroughly brilliant in every way.

The break with the bass is awesome as well. Seems as if your drumming has improved significantly. The end was very nice as well.

Overall, only REAL problem section I can find is the transition to the dark riff. Nice work.

C4C [whichever in my sig... dont care.]?
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Brilliant work mates! I really enjoyed intro it was very good and matched my taste. Darker riff was nice, but it was more like death metal and really didn't fit for the rest of the song. I loved melody part. Crazyness wasn't very good. It might fit, but it was too fast for my taste for that part. It didn't catch my intrest. Classic tech was ****ing awesome. Classical interlude was nice. Harmonoic minor catched my taste, very good job. Break was very nice as break. Loved raids. Nice one mate.