So I just got one of these for christmas to do a little home recording, and whenever I have the headphones in to hear how I sound there is this incredibly annoying echo about a half second behind when I actually play. I think it's from the built in microphone..but no matter what it is I need to know how to stop it, it's driving me crazy.
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Read up on how to properly adjust your buffers in the software and product control panel.
I don't think that product offers no latency monitoring so you will have some delay if you send the audio back from the computer and into your headphones.

This is why people go with higher end interfaces, to get the fastest speed and better sound quality.

Anyways, read this:

That overall guide would be good to go over a few times as well.
I don't know if the original poster managed to solve this, but I just bought one yesterday and have the same problem. First thing is to make sure you're using the Yamaha USB ASIO drivers. You should then get very little latency. I've got about 25ms but it's bearable.

The main problem you're hearing is the direct monitoring capability of the interface. For example you'll hear your clean guitar signal a fraction of a second before the sound that comes out of your DAW.

Most interfaces either allow you disable direct monitoring, or don't have direct monitoring capability.

I can't find how to disable the direct monitoring on this unit so I'd be glad to hear from someone who has succeeded with this.

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