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I want you all to take part in an experiment with me.

Its quite simple really, all you need to do is post the first thing on your mind right now. Don't take a few moments to gather your thoughts just hit that reply button and post the first though you have, whether it be about this thread or otherwise. Oh yes and no pictures.

Yeah and you don't have to explain why you were thinking that at the time just say it.

Ok I'll go first.

Take a pen, stab pen in friends eye, drain blood from eye, mix blood with ink from pen, sell blood ink, then profit.

There that was the first thing on my mind, now its your turn.
RIP Ronnie James Dio

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RazorTheAwesome, if I was a Ditto, I'd transform into YOU

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Basically god wanted to punish people for getting educated/eating apples.

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We all desire a little pussy.
My back is ****ing killing me
Rush Rocks

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If Beiber is our generation's Cobain I can't see how that is a bad thing.
Just make sure the shotgun is loaded.
Rainbow colored goldfish... but would they be goldfish anymore... and what if they turn out gay?
Interviewer: What types of super-powers would you want if you could have them?

The Rev: I’d like to be invisible so I could kill Johnny
Johnny: I’d want to be invisible so the Rev couldn’t find me

My Band
for at least 50% of the people her its probably some girls they want
Hey Im Looking For Some Tech Death Metal In D

try anything form avenged sevenfold

I lol'ed.

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inb4 everyone else, well played
Clown core
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Happy birthday

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is it me or does the black kids head look like a bong, and the girl behind him just took a hit and is zonked out?
Okay whatever but I'm reading a book that my uncle got me for Christmas, it's alright but a bit too long; I'm considering just looking it up on Wikipedia to find out the ending and how long do I have to type like this for? **** it, I'll stop now.
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even now, an 8 year old could go download gorilla rape porn and jack off to it.
0.0 It all makes sense now. Stupid Trixie.
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I was solvin my 4X4 before I saw this, so I guess Rubik's Cube

I stole your LOL Stack
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