Hey guys
So i picked up the Zoom G7 1ut today because i wanted a nice multi effects that i could just plug in with headphones and practice anywhere. Seperate from my normal rig. And by the way , if anyone is looking for a silent but amazing practice solution.....really consider this pedal

But anyway on with the questions (if anyone here owns it).

1) Does the option 'level' , which you can change of each patch just the volume of the patch or is that something different?

2) Very very noobie question , but is there a way to normalise the volumes of all the effects. Or do you have to do it manually?
For example , im on a clean setting which the right volume , then i change to distortion (hit the pedal) and its really quiet? etc

Cheers.......and sorry for the scrambled wording , its just that time of time :P