Okay, so I've found that none of the wires in my guitar are connected. I have no clue when this happened, all I know is that I stopped playing for 30 seconds(no exaggeration), and then it stopped working. How much would it could to get it reconnected?

PS. I have no clue what forum I should be posting this in.
Well, provided that you have an idea of what wire goes where (Could find diagrams of this, I'm sure), you could get a soldering gun and do it yourself.

If you've never used a soldering gun before, it's a 50/50 recommendation. It's an easy thing to use, and a theoretically easy job, but common sense applies.
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I'm a complete idiot when it comes to guitar electronics, so I always bring my guitars in for that kind of work. Should cost like $30-40 Tops.
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dont waste your time taking the guitar to the shop because this is an easy fix... use a soldering gun, cost like $20 and do it yourself.... its just as important to learn about your guitar and play your guitar as well
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it's a simple fix. if a little girl can heat up a curling iron, you can heat up a soldering iron.

instructions on the pack.

what wire? to the jack?

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