This is a plea to anyone in the UK. keep an eye out for a USA BC Rich Ironbird bass that may be turning up on forums soon. Just had it nicked from my house in Birmingham. any help would be fantastic. will post a picture of it below. only real distinguishing feature is that the strap pin has been moved onto the neckplate and there is a crack around the neck pocket where it has been broken and repaired.

Probably not in the right forum but its worth a shot.


That f*cking sucks mate, best of luck getting it back.
Phone ALL The Cash generators / pawn shops / music shops you know locally n report it stolen, as well as spreading the word round the local music scene.
yeh, the problem i have is its at my uni address. no idea when it got nicked yet either. got it off asomodai last year in september. think he goes by the name shockwave on basschat. so nobody go asking him where it is pretty please. looks like the crooks only bothered to break into my room. cheeky buggers
Hey guys, This is my ex bass.

Serial number is: B9566

Its an early 90's USA bolt on ironbird with EMG style blank pickups with no pole peices, Bolt on neck with maple neck and rosewood board, black headstock. The neck pocket had a deep crack in it when it was shipped from the USA to Germany, It was then fixed and sent to me in Bristol, then sold it on to Thrash tard.
Here are most of the photos i have of it.


Thrash tard let me know if i can help any other way.

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Wow this sucks, more and more basses are getting stolen lately, good luck finding your bass dude.
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Hey Adam, The Ironbird is at Erdington Cash Converters, 89 High Street, Erdington B23 6SA. Or at least it was.

Let me know the outcome!
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