I'd though I would try this.

I'm looking for people to start a Christian Metal band, I'm talking more Demon Hunter style, with structured songs, I also would like to do ballads. I can Sing/Scream and write lyrics, also I'm Christian and my lyrics, while not praisy or preachy, reflect my faith.

I'm looking for Guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer ages 14-18, must be fun to be around, have decent gear and no drugs whatsoever.

Hit me up if your interested.
I've been wanting to do this for AGES. I'm in the Huntsville/Madison area some of the time. College has me down in Tuscaloosa, but I stop through occasionally. Sorry I can't be more commited than that, but when summer roles around, or if you just want to jame some I'm up for that.
I play guitar, have for about three years and have some decent equipment, and I'd be willing to sing a little. It's not one of my better talents though.
Anyways, sorry I won't be around much till summer, but just saw the huntsville area deal, and then the Christian metal deal and thought I'd drop in and let you know I'm all over this, or would be if I was in the area.
That's cool I don't even have my license yet (Insurance prices) but will by summer so Ican't really do anything just yet.
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