Oh why hello there,

I got a mister crybaby wah from a friend of mine who had just butchered it. He got it at a pawn shop for 20 bucks (CAD) and it used to have a power connection for a headphone sized jack (1/8 inch mini?). He replaced it with a generic radio shack plug but it didn't fit the board so it was just connected by wire. It had since stopped working because of a loose connection so he just gave it to me.
It has been modified so many times that when i went to remove the wires the solder pad came off and was ruined... So my question is two fold. Since the solder pad is gone is it possible to still replace the plug? Second, the first item is what used to be there:


However this second item would fit better and be secure but it only appears to have two solder points and the board needs three.

On a last note, I think it might have been modified to have the fasel inductor? I have high quality pictures on this site:


Thanks for your input!
it's a pain in the dick to fix something with a lifted trace. let your iron heat up properly before using and don't hold it on as long. also, if you can, get a desoldering braid if you havent already. get a spool of wire and a utility knife/ wire stripper and do some fancy work to connect it.

the third solder point is so hook up a battery + to conserve life. that place is rather pricy if i might add. better off with a pcb mount 2.5mm from small bear or something.

it looks like it's got a fasel on it.

good luck.
ok, i've got it all cleaned up but I don't have the new jack yet, is it possible to hook it up to just use a battery and bypass the power plug? would i need to connect the left two spots (of the three for the jack) in this pic to do it: http://publish.uwo.ca/~jbisanz/images/solder_pad.JPGges/solder_pad.JPG ?